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Program Pricing

Pond Pros Banner Exchange will allow a banner ad for your pond-related website to be prominently displayed on over 400 popular websites serving the growing pond and water garden niche markets. With many websites having hundreds of pages, your message will get exposure on hundreds of thousands of pages.

While actual traffic to each member site varies, you can count on the best key word exposure on the Internet for the pond and water garden industry. The Pond Pros Banner Exchange program is "Run-of-Site" and all banner ads are rotated equally. In order to increase exposure or frequency of your ad impressions, you are welcome to order as many "slots" as you require - to help insure your message comes up more often.

Pricing plans for Pond Pros Banner Exchange are as follows:

Only $11 per month, billed per 6 month period.

Only $120 per 12-month period, billed annually